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Core Media can outfit your marketing with a variety of printed or embroidered apparel customized to meet your business needs:


Custom Shirts Designed, T Shirt Maker, Screen Printing.

We Service all of Texas for T Shirt Printing. Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio.

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Individualized Design for T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats and Apparel

We’ve been in custom apparel printing since early 2000,  and totally love what we are doing. Have a look at some of the T-Shirt designs we have, or we use your own layout for T-Shirt Printing San Antonio.

Let Core Media create Custom T-Shirts, jackets, hoodies, hats, and caps for your sports teams, youth groups, clubs, or business needs. For larger groups or events, order hundreds of Custom T-Shirts at a time for a great value – we handle it all! From Shirt Design to Printing.

Short Runs for all apparel available – Call or email us for competitive pricing: on Custom Design and Apparel Creation for the Texas Market. We do have a lot of experience in apparel printing, specializing in Custom T Shirt’s.

Custom T-Shirts for Your Company

Have you ever been to an event where they toss and slingshot free t-shirts into the crowd? People will stretch, jump, and jostle to get a shirt with the logo of a company they may not even know anything about. The consensus seems to be: you can never have enough t shirts. So why not promote your brand through custom printed t-shirts? Both employees and customers, when wearing your business’s shirt, are putting your name and logo out there as a form of advertising.

Shirts also create a sense of unity. If you’re hosting an employee event have a shirt made for the day. T-shirts are casual and comfortable and create a sense of unity. Date the shirt and you have a collector’s item for within the company. Don’t forget children’s sizes for family events so even the youngest in your group can match! And the life of these shirts doesn’t have to be one and done. Do you have casual Friday? Create an incentive with prizes for those who wear company t-shirts for any previous event. This provides camaraderie building through easy talking points. (“Oh, you went to the spring picnic in 2012–that was the year before I started.” “Last year’s fall health walk–wasn’t that a great day?”)

Call us for any and all apparel branding needs. We specialize in Custom Designs or using your Brand as is to embellish T-Shirts, Caps, Hoodies, Jackets.
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T-shirts are for more than events and general promotion–they can also help launch products and changes. Maybe your group isn’t reading fliers or memos, but if a shirt is created announcing a new change, they’ll take notice. Same for customers. A sign that says, “Ask me about…” may be ignored, but an employee wearing a shirt with such a message can, and likely will, be asked right away.

If you create well-designed and/or clever t-shirts they will be worn by employees and customers alike. Wearing the shirt implies commitment to the brand. The human element paired with the logo sends a stronger message than a sign. It says people not only like but identify their image with your product or cause. And the more people who link their identity with your brand–the stronger your company will be.
We are also glad to do short runs on T Shirt Printing for our clients. Just give us a call today!

We Service all of Texas, including Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio.
Call us today! (210) 348-9763